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WOOLLY TEA-TREE (Leptospermum lanigerum) Seeds

WOOLLY TEA-TREE (Leptospermum lanigerum) Seeds

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Leptospermum lanigerum, commonly known as the woolly tea-tree, is a small tree or medium shrub from the plant family Myrtaceae.

This species is a popular garden plant, due to its attractive flowers and adaptability.. Its common name derives from the conspicuously hairy capsules produced as fruit, along with the fine, silky hairs present on branches and leaves.

Flowers are a good pollen and nectar source for many native insects, including moths and butterflies. Insect-eating birds attracted. Leaves are dotted with small oil containing glands, and when crushed emit a strong, characteristic aroma.

Numerous flowers are produced either in late spring, early summer or sporadically throughout the year. Smooth, light brown, fibrous and papery bark that comes away from the trunk in long strips when removed.

An adaptable species able to adjust to varying aspects and soil types, and although prefers wet areas can grow successfully in drier soil.

*Tea trees are particularly important for the survival of our native bush bees. 

Bush Food:  Honeybees gather the nectar from its flowers.  Aromatic leaves were used for medicine; the stems of tall species were used for spears.

Bush medicine: Young shoots and stems of many Leptospermum species were also used medicinally to treat urinary disorders.

Germination: Sow light scattering of seed and cover lightly. Germinates in 2-5, Late Spring-Summer. Optimal germination temperature 18-25°C.
Seed retains viability for several years stored at room temperature.