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'WOOLAH' HARD QUANDONG (Elaeocarpus obovatus) Seeds

'WOOLAH' HARD QUANDONG (Elaeocarpus obovatus) Seeds

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A fast growing evergreen rainforest tree of eastern Australia to 45 meters, suitable for larger gardens and windbreaks. Attractive in both flower and fruit.

Some of the common names include hard quandong, whitewood, grey carabeen, freckled oliveberry.

Hard quandong rows in tropical and sub-tropical lowland rainforests. It is less frequently seen in drier inland rainforests, littoral rainforests and in swampy areas at sea level. 

 Tolerates most soils & situations including waterlogged & coastal.

Flowers white, bell shaped, from Sept to Nov

Edible bright blue fruit Jan/March

Bush Tucker: Flesh surrounding the seed is edible.

Germination: Like many Australian Elaeocapus trees, germination is slow and difficult. Soaking for 48 hours in warm water before sowing may help initiate germination.