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'PUEWAN' NATIVE LEEK / GOLDEN LILY (Bulbine bulbosa) Seeds

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Native Leek (Bulbine bulbosa) is a species of perennial flowering plant that has been cultivated for its edible leaves and flowers.

This attractive plant has many common names including Bulbine Lily, Wild Onion, Golden Lily, Leek Lily, Yellow Onion Weed and Native Leek. Aboriginal names for B. bulbosa include "Parm", "Puewan" and "Pike".

B. bulbosa is a densely tufted perennial herb reaching 75cm.

The distribution of B. bulbosa extends through temperate Australia from central Queensland to Tasmania and South Australia. It grows in a variety of habitats including red gum woodland and dry sclerophyll forests and is common in grasslands and rock crevices.

Flowering occurs from September to March with some geographic variation, although cultivated plants tend to have longer flowering periods.

An attractive species with fragrant flowers. It is especially suited to rockeries and cottage gardens and is also excellent as a container plant.

It is also frost hardy.

Bush food: The corms are best roasted and can be eaten all year round, regarded as the sweetest-tasting of the lily and lily-like Australian plants.

Germination: Propagates easily from seed, sow seed in autumn, place in a warm sunny position and keep moist to avoid drying out, can take around 35 days