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WATER PLANTAIN (Alisma plantago-aquatica) Seeds

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An emergent aquatic, perennial herb, grows in shallow water.

Common in central Victoria and Gippsland, scattered elsewhere in fresh-water creeks, lakes and swamps., succeeds in a sunny position in boggy ground or shallow water up to 25cm deep.

Spear shaped leaves up to 50cm.

The flowers open in the afternoon.

Dainty white flowers are produced on stalks up to 1 metre high.

Flowering:  starts: Spring

Flower Colour:   White

Frost Tolerance:   High

Clay & Heavy Soil Tolerance:   High

This aquatic plant can grow anywhere from 30 to 100 cm (12 to 40”) in height.

Bush food: Root - cooked, rich in starch. Caution is advised, the root is acrid if it is not dried or well cooked before use. Leaves and petioles - must be thoroughly cooked. They require long boiling and have a salty flavour.

 ***The fresh leaves and roots are toxic but the toxic principal is destroyed by heat or by drying***

Germination: Best sown in a cold frame. Place the pot in approx 3cm of water to keep the soil wet. Pot up the seedlings when large enough to handle and keep in the cold frame for the first winter, planting out in late spring. Division in spring or autumn. Can be planted straight out into their permanent positions.