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'GEEBUNG' UPRIGHT SNOTTYGOBBLE (Persoonia longifolia) Seeds

'GEEBUNG' UPRIGHT SNOTTYGOBBLE (Persoonia longifolia) Seeds

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Persoonia longifolia is a tall, resilient shrub native to Australia. It boasts dark green foliage and dazzling yellow flowers that appear in the summer months. Withstanding temperatures ranging from -5° to 40°C,  perfect for a wide variety of landscaping applications.

Grows to 4 to 5m tall on good sites, preferring gravelly loam, clay loam or sandy gravel.

Origin – Snottygobble is found in the southwest of Western Australia within 70 km (43 mi) of the coast between Albanyand the southeastern edges of Perth, It occurs in the jarrah, Karri, Marri and Tingleforest.

In the Eastern States this tree is referred to as the Geebung. Geebung is an Aboriginal word for the fruit which they use for food and medicine.

In addition to being used for minesite restoration, P. longifolia is also used in the cut-flower trade, being valued for its weeping appearance and durability.

Bush Food:  yellow-green fruit the size of blueberries ripens in autumn  and falls in June to September.  The fruit is edible and very tasty and was used as bush tucker by the Noongar tribe. The fruit pulp is basically chewed off the hard stone as a snack, described as tasting like sweet cotton wool, in some regions fruits are reportedly roasted, crushed and stored in paperbark.

Germination:  Best during late winter to early spring. pre-treatment - warm followed by cold stratification is required . Persoonia longifolia is indicative of many Persoonia species, all of which have a hard woody endocarp and all of which are difficult to germinate,  wet and dry cycles administered over the summer months improve germination significantly.