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TREE VIOLET (Melicytus dentatus) SEEDS 'Bush Tucker Plant'

TREE VIOLET (Melicytus dentatus) SEEDS 'Bush Tucker Plant'

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Melicytus dentatus, the tree violet, is a shrub that is native to south-east Australia. It grows up to 4 metres high and has branchlets that are often armed with spines and have leaves that are 5 to 50 mm long and sometimes toothed.

Commonly growing beside streams, often amongst rocks, particularly common in basalt areas.

Flowers: In spring hundreds of pale cream bell-shaped flowers release a beautiful perfume attracting small nectar-feeding birds and butterflies. Flowers are followed by pale grey-mauve succulent berries much favoured by fruit eaters such as lizards, Rosellas and Currawongs.

Tree Violet is regarded as a species that produces foliage of low flammability. In wild fires of average severity it is often not killed. Individual plants can resprout if above ground parts are killed.

The berries are consumed by Cunningham's spiny-tailed skinks and birds.

Grow in a sunny or lightly shaded position in moist soil. Grow several as an attractive hedge and effective security screen.

Bush Tucker: Tasty purple berries 

Germination: Soak seeds for 12 to 24 hours to break dormancy, germination will take from 3 to 5 months in a shaded open area.

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