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TREE VIOLET (Melicytus dentatus) Seeds

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Melicytus dentatus (Tree Violet) is an ideal bush tucker plant, boasting a high germination rate and strong resistance to disease. This fast-growing plant thrives in most climates and is a great addition to any garden.

Melicytus dentatus, the tree violet, is a shrub that is native to south-east Australia. It grows up to 4 metres high and has branchlets that are often armed with spines and have leaves that are 5 to 50 mm long and sometimes toothed.

Commonly growing beside streams, often amongst rocks, particularly common in basalt areas.

Flowers: In spring hundreds of pale cream bell-shaped flowers release a beautiful perfume attracting small nectar-feeding birds and butterflies. Flowers are followed by pale grey-mauve succulent berries much favoured by fruit eaters such as lizards, Rosellas and Currawongs.

Tree Violet is regarded as a species that produces foliage of low flammability. In wild fires of average severity it is often not killed. Individual plants can resprout if above ground parts are killed.

Grow in a sunny or lightly shaded position in moist soil. Grow several as an attractive hedge and effective security screen.

Bush Tucker: Tasty purple berries 

Germination: Soak seeds for 12 to 24 hours to break dormancy, germination will take from 3 to 5 months in a shaded open area.

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