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SMOOTH FLAX-LILY (Dianella longifolia) Seeds

SMOOTH FLAX-LILY (Dianella longifolia) Seeds

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This Australian native plant is a great addition to any garden.  Highly drought and frost tolerant, this bush-tucker plant is easy to grow and requires minimal maintenance. Enjoy its attractive foliage year-round.

Hardy, easily maintained grass-like wildflower. 80cm x 50cm, needs well drained soils. Clumping.

Attracts native birds and insects.
Cultural use: Indigenous peoples used for making plaited baskets and roots boiled & drunk as medicine.

  • Soil TextureClay, Loam, Sand
  • pHAcidic, Alkaline, Neutral
  • ToleratesLime, Moderate frost, Fire 

Bush food: Dark blue to purple berries are edible when ripe. Berries sweet and juicy (slightly gritty). Great addition to fruit salad.

Germination: usually occurs within 2-16 weeks.
Low germination rate - may be increased by smoke, scarification (lightly rub seed with sandpaper) or soaking in water for 24 hours.
Temperatures over 18-20°C may inhibit germination.