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SMALL VANILLA LILY (Arthropodium minus) Seeds

SMALL VANILLA LILY (Arthropodium minus) Seeds

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Arthropodium minus, the small vanilla lily, is a species of herbaceous perennial plants native to the Southern Hemisphere. Found in a variety of habitats from the coast to alpine areas of eastern Australia. Eucalyptus forests, woodlands and sub-alpine meadows, favouring drier habitats than Arthropodium milleflorum.

The grasslike leaves have a strong scent of vanilla. The plant is deciduous in drought, and resprouts after fire, the flowers which appear September–December are purple or pink. The fruit matures during January–February.

Well-drained soils in full sun or semi-shade. Often shallow rocky soils. Can tolerate dry conditions.

Attractive for containers, rockeries, grasslands and under trees. Plant in groups for best effect. Apply small quantities of native plant fertiliser to encourage growth.

Growth height: Up to 0.3m

Bush Food: Tubers can be eaten raw or roasted throughout year, edible flowers.

Germination: Seeds germinate readily within 4-8 weeks. Try germinating at cooler temperatures such as 16C. Can be direct seeded into pots. Dies down to tubers in summer and re-shoots in autumn.