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SLATY SHE-OAK (Allocasuarina muelleriana) Seeds

SLATY SHE-OAK (Allocasuarina muelleriana) Seeds

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Fast growing 1m-4m shrub; adaptable to a variety of positions and soil types, including clay or very sandy. Unusual small sheoak, attractive screening plant

Flower Colour: Red

Grows in scrub and heath, on rocky siliceous soils. Common from Bendigo Whipstick south-west to Grampians.

Medium Shrub, moderately fast growing, long lived.

Inoculation of propagation mix with soil from around healthy She-Oaks may establish the fungus that fixes Nitrogen.

This species is considered to be suitability for direct sowing.

She-Oak does well if if buried at about one to two times the seed diameterbut also seems happy if sown on the surface, She-Oak seed seems to do well sown in autumn and winter, apart from very cold situations, or early spring.

Bush Tucker - Young shoots and soft, young cones were eaten.

Other uses: Implements were made from wood. Hollows in the trees provided a reservoir for water after summer showers. 

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