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'POROPORO' PAM PLUM KANGAROO APPLE (Solanum aviculare) Seeds

'POROPORO' PAM PLUM KANGAROO APPLE (Solanum aviculare) Seeds

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Solanum aviculare, commonly called poroporo (New Zealand), kangaroo apple, pam plum (Australia).

Solanum aviculare is similar to Solanum laciniatum, compared to S. laciniatumS. aviculare has smaller, flowers usually pale blue, sometimes dark purple, white or striped blue / white  & smaller seeds, S. laciniatum has much larger, rotate, darker purple flowers.

An upright shrub that can grow up to 4 m (13 ft) tall.,  grows in rainforests, wet forests and rainforest margins on clay soils.

Bush Tucker: Berries that are poisomous while green, but edible once orange. The orange berries are an edible form of bush tomato either fresh or dried. It can be used as a sweet fruit or as a vegetable. 

Best harvested once it has fallen from the plant, the fruit is up to 2cm, sickly sweet and often bitter.

Germinates in 2 - 3 weeks at 20°c.