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NATIVE ORANGE 'NEPINE' (Capparis lasiantha) Seeds

NATIVE ORANGE 'NEPINE' (Capparis lasiantha) Seeds

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Capparis lasiantha; Its common names in both English and various Aboriginal languages include Bush Caper, Native Orange, Honeysuckle, Splitjack, Nipang Creeper, Nepine, Maypan, Alurra and Wyjeelah.  

Its native range if from the Kimberleys to inland semi-arid to arid parts of Belah-Brigalow country in Queensland and northern New South Wales.

The seedlings and young plants begin life as climbing vines that cling to the host plants by means sharp spines on the stems.

Beautiful white perfumed flowers are followed by hard round orange fruit 2 to 4 cm in diameter. When ripe, the fragrant fruit softens splitting open to reveal a sweet edible pulp that surrounds the seed. Fruit is borne during summer, and only the yellow pulp is eaten when the fruit is split.
The brown seeds are not eaten and are believed to have medicinal properties.

Highly drought tolerant but slow growing, can be grown in arid or subtropical gardens to enjoy its heavy flowering and edible fruit. 

Grows to 3 metres

Bush food :  The fruit is edible and the nectar from the flowers was also used to treat colds by some Aboriginal groups.

Germination: Seed does not require any pretreatment