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NATIVE MOUNTAIN PEPPER (Tasmannia lanceolata) 'Bush Tucker Plant'

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A shrub native to cool temperate rainforests of South-eastern Australia. Height varies from 2 - 10m, stems are quite red in colour.

The small cream or white flowers appear in Summer and are followed by black berries 5-8mm wide which appear in Autumn.

There are separate male and female plants. The berries attract birds including Currawongs that feed on them. Prefers well-drained sols in partial shade to full shade and are frost hardy to -8c (20-22f)

The leaf and berry are used as a spice, typically dried. The berries are sweet at first with a peppery aftertaste. 

Berries are ripe when they change from red to black. Cold stratification for 28 days is highly recommended for this species. Sow seed just under the surface in full sun to part shade, untreated seed can take 6-9 months to germinate.