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NATIVE CARROT (Daucus glochidiatus) Seeds

NATIVE CARROT (Daucus glochidiatus) Seeds

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Daucus glochidiatus, commonly known as Australian carrot, Austral carrot or native carrot, is a species of herb in the flowering plant family Apiaceae. It is native to Australia and New Zealand.

It is common in both temperate and arid areas of Australia, but not in tropical areas. It is often found in association with limestone, though it tolerates a variety of soils.

Annual herb 8–60 cm high

Flowers occur in a range of colours

Has a distinctive carrot-like look and smell.

Bush food: The small root was picked by indigenous people and eaten, much the same as normal carrots are, most probably cooked before being eaten.

Germination: Seed Pre-treatment: Smoke, requires light for germination.