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NARROW-LEAVED / QUEENSLAND BOTTLE TREE (Brachychiton rupestre) Seeds

NARROW-LEAVED / QUEENSLAND BOTTLE TREE (Brachychiton rupestre) Seeds

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Brachychiton rupestris, known as the narrow-leaved bottle tree or Queensland bottle tree, is native to Queensland, Australia.

Reaching 10–25 metres (33–82 ft) high, the Queensland bottle tree is deciduous. Cream-coloured flowers appear from September to November, and are followed by woody boat-shaped follicles that ripen from November to May.

As a drought-deciduous succulent tree, B. rupestris adapts readily to cultivation and is tolerant of a range of soils and temperatures. 

Bush food: The seeds, roots, stems, and bark have all traditionally been a source of food for people and animals alike. The seeds, young roots and shoots were cooked and eaten, The young leaf shoots can be used as a salad vegetable. 

The wood contains a nutritious jelly. By making a hole in the trunk, sap could be obtained for drinking. 

Other uses: Another use has been made of the fibrous inner bark to make twine or rope and even woven together to make fishing nets.

Germination: Soak overnight in hot water, once the seed is swollen it is ready for sowing.