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'MIMOSA' SILVER WATTLE (Acacia dealbata) 'Bush Tucker Plant Seeds'

'MIMOSA' SILVER WATTLE (Acacia dealbata) 'Bush Tucker Plant Seeds'

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Acacia dealbata is an evergreen large shrub or medium-sized tree, usually grows from 6 - 15 metres tall.

Acacia dealbata, as a legume with an ability to seed prolifically and to produce root suckers, is often among the first to colonize cleared land.


Australia - Victoria, New South Wales, Tasmania.

Grows mostly in open or tall open forest or woodland, at high elevations on plateaux and in deep mountain valleys and gullies, often in low vegetation in subalpine areas, on swamp margins and stream banks.

Edible Uses

Flowers - cooked - Rich in pollen, they are often used in fritters.

A gum that exudes naturally from the trunk is edible and is used as a substitute for Gum Arabic. It can be sucked like candy or soaked in water to make a jelly.

Other Uses

A yellow dye is obtained from the flowers
A green dye is obtained from the seed pods

An essential oil obtained from the flowers is used as a fixative in high-grade perfumery products

Germination: may benefit from scarification before sowing to speed up germination. This can usually be done by pouring a small amount of nearly boiling water on the seeds and then soaking them for 12 - 24 hours in warm water