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MIDGEN / MIDYIM BERRY (Austromyrtus dulcis) Seeds

MIDGEN / MIDYIM BERRY (Austromyrtus dulcis) Seeds

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Austromyrtus dulcis, occurs commonly from around Valla, New South Wales, to Fraser Island, Queensland, as a spreading shrub up to 2 m tall. Its most frequent occurrence is in sandy soils in heath, scrub or open forests and occasionally on the margins of rainforests.

This versatile small shrub is one of the best bush tucker plants of all, featuring small but sweet-tasting berries that are borne in profusion in late summer and early autumn.

In full sun it forms a dense spreading shrub up to 40 cm high by 1.4 m in diameter, while in more shaded areas it becomes a more open ground cover. It forms an excellent shrub in sandy coastal situations where not directly exposed to salt winds.

It makes an attractive border, rockery or pot plant and can even be trimmed into a low growing hedge.  The leaves of Austromyrtus dulcis are an attractive burgundy colour when young, then turn dark green.

The berries are white with small blue-black spots which give them a mauve or grey appearance.

Germination: Austromyrtus dulcis is a relatively easy species to propagate, seed germinates in 3-4 weeksAlthough the outer coat of the seed is hard no mechanical scarification is necessary. 

Bush Food: The fruit are edible and have a sweet but tangy flavour which means it is nice to eat fresh, but also great in pies and preserves.