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'KWEL' BLACK SHE-OAK (Allocasuarina littoralis) Seeds

'KWEL' BLACK SHE-OAK (Allocasuarina littoralis) Seeds

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Allocasuarina littoralis, commonly known as black she-oak, is a species of flowering plant in the family Casuarinaceae and is endemic to eastern Australia. Commonly grows on sand in woodland in near-coastal areas, sometimes in heavy clay or among rocks, or on nearby tablelands, and occasionally in tall heath.

An erect conical shaped tree which has dark fissured bark which looks black at certain times of the year. This fast growing nitrogen fixing tree bears showy red male flowers in spring. The female has small spiky cones.

Excellent coastal wind break but also works in inland gardens or streetscapes. Great native replacement for a pine tree. 

Birds like the seeds and the insects it attracts. Glossy Black Cockatoo food tree. Frost hardy, good shade & street tree. Food plant for caterpillars. 

MATURE SIZE: 10 x 4m
FOLIAGE: Evergreen
FORM: Pendulous

Bush food; The gum can be chewed or made into a jelly by melting in hot water. The tree also produces cone like seed pods that can be eaten in their early stages of growth, edible seeds. Young shoots can be chewed to allay thirst.

Other uses: The bark is used for tanning. The wood is hard, durable, and heavy thus it is commonly used for furniture making and other purposes. Also, the wood is a great source of high-quality fuel and is used to make a high-grade charcoal.