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'KITJA BOORN' SPEARWOOD / YELLOW KUNZEA (Kunzea ericifolia) 'Bush Tucker Plant Seeds'

'KITJA BOORN' SPEARWOOD / YELLOW KUNZEA (Kunzea ericifolia) 'Bush Tucker Plant Seeds'

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Kunzea ericifolia, commonly known as spearwood, native tea or yellow kunzea, or as kitja boornpoorndil or condil by the Noongar people.

Kunzea ericifolia is found in the Southwest Australia region. 

Grows in sandy well drained soil. Found to grow in peaty soils, quartzite and grey sand. Grows well in moist conditions and along the margins of watercourses, lakes and seasonally wet swamps.

As its English name suggests, spearwood plants are used by Noongar people in spear-making. Spears produced from the Kitja Boorn can be used to hunt animals in small swamps and water holes.

Prefers a light to medium well-drained soil in an open sunny position, drought and frost resistant. 

Bush Food: The Kitja Boorn was used for making tea, the tea produced by this spearwood was considered not only pleasant, but was also used as a tonic. In more recent times, the stems of the Kitja Boorn have been used in market gardens as bean-sticks as well as in the construction of crayfish pots.

Germination Surface sow seed, cover lightly with gravel. Smoke treatment may improve results. Germination usually occurs within 3-5 weeks. Best sown Late Spring-Summer