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ROUNDED NOON FLOWER / ROUND LEAF PIG FACE (Disphyma crassifolium) Seeds

ROUNDED NOON FLOWER / ROUND LEAF PIG FACE (Disphyma crassifolium) Seeds

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Prostrate, spreading plant, with succulent leaves which are circular or triangular in cross-section and stems up to 2m long. 

Grows in a wide range of soils and plant communities but especially in saline depressions and on alluvial clays in north-west Victoria and on the fringes of saltmarsh and cliffs along the coast.

Flowers are pink or purple with numerous liner petals and are about 3cm when open, flowers close at night and reopen the following morning.  Flowers in spring and summer.

Drought and frost resistant.  Low maintenance plant which can form extensive mats if planted at 30cm intervals.

The fruit of the Karkalla grows to about the size of a grape, and turns a deep red when ripe. To enjoy them fresh, just hold one end and suck out the sweet pulp, or eat it whole.

*Similar to the Pigfaces (Carpobrotus spp.) but the leaves of these are sharply angled between the flat or slightly convex faces and the fruit is fleshy and indehiscent

Bush food :  Traditionally the Karkalla’s fruit can be eaten fresh and dried, and pair fleshy leaves with meat.  Leaves are juicy and edible, can be used in salads and have a mild salty taste. All parts of Disphyma are edible.

Germination:   All year round, Sowing Depth: Light germinator, only sprinkle on the surface of the substrate + slightly press on
Sowing Mix: Coir, cactus soil or sowing mix + 2/3 sand or perlite, Alternative: pure sand.