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KANGAROO GRASS (Themeda triandra) Seeds

KANGAROO GRASS (Themeda triandra) Seeds

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he widespread Kangaroo Grass, Themeda triandra, is one of the most recognisable members of the grass family (Poaceae) in Australia.

Tufted, perennial grass, to 1 m tall, with a branched flower head, to 25 m long, supports large, chaffy flowers.

Flowers and Fruit: Purple/green decorative flower-heads change to glossy brown in summer, flowers from October to March. Noticeable black corkscrew shaped awns attached to the seeds form in each flower-head.

The species is found Australia wide in grassland and woodland communities, our current stock has been sourced from the Strathbogie Ranges.

This attractive grass can be used as an ornamental in rockeries, as part of a native habitat garden or can be grown in a more formal garden for its interesting colour and texture. It grows in full sun to part shade on sandy to clay soils and needs little water once established.

This plant does not suffer any significant pest or disease problems.

Because of its large distribution, growing conditions for T. triandra can be quite variable.

Although Themeda triandra itself is not endangered as a species it does grow in Temperate Grassland communities, which have been declared as endangered in the Australian Capital Territory and threatened in Victoria.

Bush Food: The seeds are edible and can be ground into a flour. Kangaroo Grass was gathered in wooden bowls. The seeds were separated and grinding stones were used to produce flour which was mixed with water and cooked to make damper.

Other uses: Leaves - string for net-making

Germination: Seed can be planted 15 mm deep, Usually grows in a few weeks without any treatment.