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FLAME HEATH (Astroloma / Stenanthera conostephioides) Seeds

FLAME HEATH (Astroloma / Stenanthera conostephioides) Seeds

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Stenanthera conostephioides is an erect or spreading shrub that typically grows to a height of 20–100 cm (7.9–39.4 in). A prickly bush with flame red flowers that hang downward.   Occurs in mallee scrub and in dry open forest on sandy loam or quartzite sand.

Flowering time: April — Nov.; fruit: Sept. — Oct.

Requires well-drained soils and prefers to grow in the protection of other plants. Responds to light pruning.
Bird and insect attracting.

Bush Food: Edible berry, nectar to be found in the base of most of the flowers. To get to the nectar pop off the base then squeeze the bottom gently. Then you will be rewarded with a tiny drop of sweetness,  or simply eat the whole flower.

Edible seeds, crunchy and edible, though not overly tasty.