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Common names: elegant wattle, prickly wattle, gundabluey, bramble wattle, elegant acacia. Is a shrub-like tree native to australia.

Native to Australia in arid and semi-arid areas, the acacia victoriae is generally found in alkaline soils including clayey alluvials, grey cracking clays and saline loams on floodplains, alluvial flats, rocky hillsides and ridges.

Animals such as birds and small mammals are known to use the tree as protection. The seeds and foliage also offer a source of food to animals.

Mature acacia victoriae grow into a shrub-like tree with multiple trunks. They reach a height of about 5–6 meters and is moderately fast growing. It has a life-span of about 10–15 years.

The branches of acacia victoriae are covered in small spines that are about 1 cm in length. During flowering, the branches are full clustered, yellowish, and strong scented flowers.

Bush food: The nitrogen-containing seeds are used in breads as well as ground up as a meal. By roasting the raw wattle seed until it pops, similar to pop corn. This new unique flavor has many uses, coffee-like beverages (caffeine free), essences, beer, baking, confectionery, dairy, sweets and marinades.

Germination: Acacia seeds need to be treated before sowing to enable moisture to penetrate the normally hard seed coat. One method is to place seeds in a container, cover with near boiling water and soak overnight. Seeds which swell are ready for sowing, the remainder may be re-treated. Another method is to scarify the seed.