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DUSKY CORAL PEA (Kennedia rubicunda) Seeds

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Kennedia rubicunda is a hardy garden plant which is not extensively cultivated except by Australian plant enthusiasts.

Kennedia rubicunda is a herbaceous twiner or prostrate plant with stems reaching up to 4m in length. Useful for covering embankments or climbing fences and frames. Will attract nectar-loving wildlife to your garden.

Native to the coastal and sub-coastal districts of eastern Australia. 

Full sun or part shade wind protection
Most well drained, fertile, moist soil types
Summer: Keep Moist, Spring & Autumn, add organic matter
Establishes in 1-2 years. Low water use. Moderately long lived

Flowers: crimson, red & black

Prune at any time to confine plant or after main flowering to promote denser growth.

Bush Food: Edible nectar in the flowers

Dusky coral pea (Kennedia rubicunda) is regarded as an environmental weed in Tasmania and those parts of Victoria that are outside its native range.