CREEPING / BERRY SALTBUSH (Atriplex semibaccata ) Seeds 'Bush Tucker Plant'

CREEPING / BERRY SALTBUSH (Atriplex semibaccata ) Seeds 'Bush Tucker Plant'

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Common names: creeping saltbush , berry saltbush , australian saltbush
Plant type: groundcover, perennial, shrub
Plant habit: prostrate

Low growing native prostrate shrub with smooth upper leaves and scaly under leaf. Red edible berries in spring and summer, great for jam. Tolerates clay soils and salt winds.

Height: 15-30cm
Width: 1-2m
Position: full sun, semi-shade
Soil type: loam, sandy, well drained
Drought: known to be tolerant of protracted droughts
Frost: tolerates frosts in the 0° to -5°c range
Wind: tolerates salt-laden coastal winds
Growth rate: fast
Root system: lignotuberous or forms a tuber
Erosion control potential: excellent for clayey sites
Shade tolerance: grows best in full sunlight

The bright red saltbush berries are a rounded tear-shape 5mm long.

Bush tucker:

Yields will depend on growing conditions
The fruit is fleshy and juicy
Pick berries in late summer. The berries can be eaten
Raw or made into sauces or salsas. The leaves can be
Dried to use as a salt substitute as they contain
Up to 25% salt.
Nutritional value
Saltbush is a source of calcium, selenium, and nitrogen.


High germination rates with no pre-treatment required