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GREEN / CREEK MAT RUSH (Lomandra hystrix) Seeds

GREEN / CREEK MAT RUSH (Lomandra hystrix) Seeds

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Lomandra hystrix, commonly known as green mat-rush, or creek mat-rush, is a perennial, rhizomatous herb found throughout eastern Australia. The leaves are 80 cm to 100 cm long.

It grows beside watercourses in upland and mountain rain forest.
Masses of fragrant cream/yellow flowers in spring.
Great as a background plant or for mass planting.
Tolerant of high humidity and wet summer. 
Tolerates light frost. 
Will do well in a wide range of soil types including clay, sun to quite shady. 

Height: 0.7 ~ 1.5 metres
Width: 0.7 ~ 1 metre

Ph Level: Acid, Neutral, Alkaline
Soil Type: Sandy, Loamy, Sandy loam, Clay loam, Poor soil
Special Uses: Erosion control, Pollution tolerant, Fast growing, Playground friendly
Attracts Wildlife: Bees, Other insects, Lizards

Bush food :  The starchy, fleshy bases of the leaves are edible, tasting of raw peas. Edible Flowers and seed can be pounded and made into flour or eaten whole and mixed with native honey.

Medicinal uses:  Roots of the Lomandra were also used as a medicine for insect bites.

Other uses: The strappy leaves were used to weave baskets for carrying food as well as making eel traps and nets.  

Germination:   Scatter over firmly packed potting mix in a standard seed tray. Kept moist, the seeds should germinate in 4-6 weeks. Protect the trays from mice which love Lomandra seed!

Keep well watered and partly shaded for a month or so after potting on and harden off in full sunlight when they are between 100 and 150mm high. Lomandras will grow to planting size within a season and are robust enough to be planted out when they are around 200-300mm high.