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'TAARUK' FINE LEAVED CLEMATIS / HEADACHE VINE (Clematis linearifolia) 'Bush Tucker Plant Seeds'

'TAARUK' FINE LEAVED CLEMATIS / HEADACHE VINE (Clematis linearifolia) 'Bush Tucker Plant Seeds'

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Clematis linearifolia, endemic to south-west Western Australia, is one of 8 Clematis species native to Australia. It is a common, quick-growing, fine-leaved climbing species which prefers full sun and good drainage. It is very frost tolerant, adaptable to sunny and light-shade positions, drought-hardy plant.

Clematis linearifolia flowers from July to December. Male and female flowers develop on different plants, Flowers white to cream, star-like, in dense clusters often forming spectacular floral displays in coastal thickets. Female plants develop fluffy, cottonwool-like fruits.

A climbing species which often forms a canopy over other plants. Produces many, white star-shaped flowers in winter. Generally occurs on dunes and limestone.

Bush Tucker: Roots, peppery when raw, cooking and kneading them into a dough.  The taproot can be eaten roasted.

Bush medicine: Leaves crushed and inhaled to treat headaches.

Germination: It is a suitable species for direct seeding,  C. linearifolia seed takes at least 8 weeks to germinate, can be speed up by removing the pericarp, by exposing seed to a cycle of wetting and drying before planting.

Place seed beneath the soil to 5 mm, cover with layer of soil or fine gravel and keep moist in open sunny position.
Sow from springtime, if growing into containers. For direct seeding sow from mid winter in the drier regions to spring in the higher rainfall areas.