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'WORGNAL' DROOPING SHE-OAK (Allocasuarina verticillata) Seeds

'WORGNAL' DROOPING SHE-OAK (Allocasuarina verticillata) Seeds

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Allocasuarina verticillata, commonly known as drooping she-oak or drooping sheoak, called "Worgnal" by the indigenous people of the Richmond and Clarence River areas of New South Wales. is a nitrogen fixing native tree of south eastern Australia.

It grows as a small tree with a rounded habit, reaching 4–10 metres (12–35 ft) in height. Long-lived (50-100 years). Moderately slow-growing, although quick-growing when young. 

The species occurs in Australian Capital Territory, New South Wales, South Australia, Tasmania, and Victoria. An Ornamental species for shade or shelter in streetscapes, reserves and parks.  Prefers full sun position and is extremely heat tolerant. Minimal maintenance is required once established.

Tolerant of coastal locations.
Food source and habitat for birds.

Flowering - Yellow-brown male flower spikes. Red female flowers, Mar-Dec.

It has weeping dark green branchlets that produce brown male flowers from winter to early spring. These trees when young can look rather sparse and scraggly but this changes with age.

Dioecious (trees are male or female, with female trees producing cones).

Bush Food: The cones are available throughout most of the year and were soaked in water to give it a lemon flavour. The needle like leaves can be chewed at times when water is scarce.

Other uses: Timber makes and excellent firewood as well as a craft wood. Indigenous Australians have traditionally used the wood for shields, clubs and boomerangs and to extract resin.

Germination: Untreated seed should germinate in 2-5 weeks at hot temperatures.