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COASTAL JACK BEAN (Canavalia rosea - maritima) Seeds

COASTAL JACK BEAN (Canavalia rosea - maritima) Seeds

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Canavalia rosea is a perennial herb with a trailing or climbing stem growing 2 - 10 metres long and becoming somewhat woody with age.

Widespread throughout the coastal regions of the tropics and subtropics. Plants flower throughout the year, even in the subtropics.

The flowers are typical pea flowers, a purplish pink in colour, about 5 cm long, the plant blooms most of the summer, and sporadically through the rest of the year.

The pods are flat and about 10–15 cm long, and about 2.5 cm wide. 

The sturdy, fast growing Beach Bean thrives in almost any well drained soil, is highly salt tolerant and prefers a full sun position.   Prune  to be keep in check and not grow unruly.  The Beach Bean is drought tolerant and tolerates watering as long as the soil has excellent drainage.

Bush Tucker: Flowers - eaten as a flavouring, Young pods - boiled, must be boiled or roasted to make them edible. Young seeds - cooked, Said to make a good pease porridge. 

Bush Medicine: The leaves are used in bush medicine for the treatment of boils and sores.