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WALLABY SALTBUSH / COAST BONEFRUIT (Threlkeldia diffusa) Seeds

WALLABY SALTBUSH / COAST BONEFRUIT (Threlkeldia diffusa) Seeds

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Coast Bonefruit, is a perennial herb which occurs in coastal areas and saline flats in Australia. It is sometimes prostrate or may grow up to 0.4 metres in height.

Prostrate-0.4m/m Spreading succulent

Fruits fleshy, 1.5–2.5 mm long and brightly coloured red or yellow, sometimes mixed colours on the same plant turns black, when mature.
The tiny green flowers occur between October and November (spring) in its native range.
The leaves are fleshy and the succulent green / red, bird attracting fruit.
Grows rapidly and has a high survival rate. Bird attracting with its fleshy fruits. 
Tolerates high wind and salt exposure.

Caterpillar food plant, attracts lots of insects.

One of the few succulent species in the Western Australian flora. A useful garden species being highly drought tolerant and producing attractive, multicoloured edible berries.

Bush food: The tiny red fruit and leaves are edible.

Germination:  Grow from seed without treatment, has had good results in direct seeding.
Germination Time: 3-4 weeks