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'GITJAWIL MATOM' CHOCOLATE LILY (Arthropodium strictum) Seeds

'GITJAWIL MATOM' CHOCOLATE LILY (Arthropodium strictum) Seeds

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Plant in groups or drifts in small gardens, cottage gardens, rockeries and containers. Grow well under trees. Flowers smelling of chocolate when crushed, chocolate fragrance is very obvious.

The Dja Dja Wurrung name for Chocolate Lily and Vanilla Lily is Gitjawil matom.

Flower Colour: Deep pink to mauve
Flowering Time: September to December
Growing Conditions: Well drained soils in grassy areas, woodlands and open forests. 

Frost tolerant. 
Full sun, semi-shade.
Very drought tolerant. 

Chocolate Lilies are widespread throughout Australia and their flowers appear from September through to January. Survives underground through severe winters and can be transplanted easily. Ideal for rockeries and small patches in the home garden.

Bush food :  Tubers, raw or roasted, tubers usually grow to around 3.5cm in length, around 15cm below the surface. Raw tubers are slightly sweet and best eaten when young. Flowers are also edible and can be added to salads or used as decorative toppings for cakes, biscuits and tarts.

Germination: Sow seed in Autumn and should have good results in one to two months.