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BRUSH CHERRY 'LILLY PILLY' (Syzygium australe) Seeds

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Syzygium australe, with many common names that include brush cherry, scrub cherry, creek lilly-pilly, creek satinash, and watergum.  This is the largest genus of lilly pillies found in Australia.

S.australe is a common plant of coastal and highland rainforests from southern New South Wales to central Queensland. In nature it can reach over 25 metres in height but is usually smaller in cultivation.

S.australe is a hardy tree in most temperate and subtropical climates and is cultivated in most Australian states. Fast growing, dense native with beautiful glossy leaves that start bronze and turn deep green. It grows foliage right down to the ground making a very good choice for hedging.

It prefers a full sun or can still go well with part day shade position.

Bush Tucker:  The fruits are edible and are often made into jams. They can also be eaten fresh and have a crisp, refreshing texture.

Syzygium australe usually takes about 6 weeks to germinate depending on the temperature and the soil moisture. Ideal temperatures for Brush cherry germination is 18-26 degrees Celsius (65-80 F). The soil needs to be moist, but not waterlogged as this can rot the seed. Plant the seeds about half an inch deep in soil. If planting in a pot, make sure it has good drainage. Germination may be slow and spasmodic.