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'MURMBAL' BLACK ANTHER FLAX-LILY (Dianella revoluta) Seeds

'MURMBAL' BLACK ANTHER FLAX-LILY (Dianella revoluta) Seeds

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Dianella revoluta , commonly known as blueberry lily, blue flax-lily, black anther flax-lily or spreading flax-lily is widely distributed within Australia and grows in extremely variable conditions.

Perennial herb with a lifespan of many years, forming clumps and growing from rhizomes underground.

Grows to about 1m in height and has a diameter of up to 1.5m. 

Flowers from spring to summer and has deep blue to purple inflorescences, the fruit are blue to purple and persist for many months after the flowers.

Drought and frost resistant, is generally trouble-free and is grown for its distinctive strappy foliage as well as for its flowers and fruits. Suitable for most soils, but prefers a well drained soil enriched with leaf mould and compost, and accepts part or full shade.

Bush Tucker uses: Sweet edible blue berries with small, nutty seeds, and strappy leaves that were traditionally used for cord and string. Berries can be eaten fresh or cooked in sweet or savoury dishes, the plant root can be pounded and roasted for eating.

Germination: usually occurs within 2-16 weeks. Low germination rate - may be increased by smoke, scarification (lightly rub seed with sandpaper) or soaking in water for 24 hours. Temperatures over 18-20°C may inhibit germination.