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'BANDARRANG' SUPPLEJACK / VINE TREE / WHIP VINE (Ventilago viminalis) 'Bush Tucker Plant Seeds'

'BANDARRANG' SUPPLEJACK / VINE TREE / WHIP VINE (Ventilago viminalis) 'Bush Tucker Plant Seeds'

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Ventilago viminalis, commonly known as supplejack, vine tree, whip vine or the medicine tree. The Walmajarri people of Paruka Indigenous Protected Ares call this tree Walakarri. A tree native to Northern and Central Australia from coastal regions of Queensland to the Northern Territory and Western Australia.

The plant begins life as a scrambler, using other trees, shrubs and even grasses for support. As it ages the stem becomes increasingly woody and the plant eventually develops a growth form more typical of a tree.

Flowering cream-yellow/green and fruiting July – October

Bush food: Edible gum can be scraped off as it comes through, twisting it onto a stick. It can be chewed like chewing gum. Also burnt to form ash, which was then mixed with native tobacco and chewed.

Bush medicine: The bark and root of this tree is considered to be one of the most important bush medicines.  The bark and root of the Medicine Tree can be made into a decoction, prepared by mashing and soaking in water,  this mixture can be boiled to speed the process.

Applied externally to open sores, cuts, swellings, skin rashes, fungal complaints, bruises, sprains, insect bites, rheumatism and toothache.

The bark contains ‘anthraquinone' derivatives and some of these may be responsible for the bactericidal properties of this popular bush medicine.

Other uses: Tough,  flexible branch like willow can be used in basket work. Wood sometimes used for boomerangs (djiwa) and spear making.