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'WOLGOL' AUSTRALIAN SANDALWOOD (santalum spicatum) Seeds

'WOLGOL' AUSTRALIAN SANDALWOOD (santalum spicatum) Seeds

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A tree native to semiarid areas at the edge of southwest australia. Tall shrub to 5m high and semi-parasitic on other plants.

Leaves are leathery and dark green in pairs. Flowers are green in pyramid clusters.

Flowering can occur all year round but mainly in autumn and winter. Large round fruit with a yellow to red-brown thin fleshy outer layer.

The timber of this species yields the valuable sandalwood oil.

Bush food: edible nuts can be roasted. Has been eaten a bush tucker food by the aboriginal people for centuries.

Germination: can be difficult, success has been reported by placing the kernels in moist vermiculite in sealed plastic bags at room temperature, once germinated, seeds should be planted next to a (preferably Australian native) seedling and watered adequately.

This species has a physiological dormancy that needs to be overcome for the seed to germinated (e.g nicking the seed coat)