AUSTRAL SEABLITE (Suaeda australis) SEEDS 'Bush Tucker Plant'

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Austral Seablite is a salty salad vegetable, the leaves can be eaten raw and the young shoots pickled. Can be used steamed, stir-fried or blanched a great complement to seafood dishes.

This coastal plant is related to Samphire and a relative of this plant is widely used throughout Europe as a sea vegetable.

Grows between 0.1 and 0.9 metres in height , with a spreading habit.

The leaves are up to 40mm in length and are succulent, they light green to purplish-red in colour.

Seablite naturally grows in Salty mudflats and saline estuaries. Fast growing, good for stabilising saltmarsh and tidal creek edges, also provides habitat for wading birds.

Soak seed in water for 8-12 hours, changing the water 2-3 times. Cover seed lightly and keep damp, use bog method. For direct seeding, spread sparingly in a shallow trench, cover and press down.


30 seeds per packet