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ALBANY BOTTLEBRUSH (Callistemon Glaucus) Seeds

ALBANY BOTTLEBRUSH (Callistemon Glaucus) Seeds

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Shrub to 2m, flowering spring to summer.

This variety of callistemon is a great choice for a hedge or screen, it grows best in cool or temperate conditions.

Occurs in the south ad south western coastal districts of Western Australia between Perth and Albany, where it grows in swampy ground in sandy or clayey soils.
Very hardy will handle most soil conditions and likes to have full sun. This is a great bird attracting bottlebrush that is really quite easy to manage.

Bush food: bottlebrush flowers have a sweet nectar which can either be consumed by sucking on the flowers or by soaking the flowers in water to make a sweet drink.
Germination: sow direct on the surface, germination 1- 4 weeks