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'MORR' PRICKLY CURRANT BUSH (Coprosma quadrifida) SEEDS 'Bush Tucker Plant'

'MORR' PRICKLY CURRANT BUSH (Coprosma quadrifida) SEEDS 'Bush Tucker Plant'

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Abundant fruits late summer to autumn.
Location : mountain gullies and slopes in shade, widespread from sea level to around 800m.

Shrub to 3m high

Shiny red fruits 7mm long 5mm across, sweet and juicy with one or two seeds. Prefers a protected moist position. Semi shade, best planted in a group, frost hardy.

Growth rate- slow to moderate. Drought sensitive. Tolerates salt. Flowering: greenish, summer, inconspicuous.

Bush food : pea-sized succulent fruit is eaten raw, sweet slightly astringent fruit, can be cooked nice in pies, cakes and tarts.

Germination can take 5+ months for untreated seed. Stratification for 2-4 weeks reduces germination time.