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WILD NATIVE FLAX (Linum marginale) Seeds

WILD NATIVE FLAX (Linum marginale) Seeds

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A short lived perennial  usually 10 to 60 cm high, and sometimes up to. 1 m, with sky blue flowers in spring and summer, followed by seed pods with numerous edible seeds.

Widespread in woodland and forest, and margins of acid swamps; but not common. 

Native Flax is both drought- and frost-resistant.

Suitable for cottage gardens, rockeries and planting under established trees. It will self-seed readily in ideal conditions.

Can be grown in most soil types in sun or part shade, tolerates frost and dry spells. The plant tends to die back in late summer, and reshoot. Sometimes mistaken for Wahlenbergia, as they looks similar.

Bush Food: Edible seeds - Raw or cooked. The oily, yellowish seeds can be collected in summer and autumn; they are similar to linseed with a nutty flavour

Other uses: Like commercial flax, the stem of native flax produces useful fibres as well, fibre from the flax was used by Traditional owners to make cord and fish nets.

Germination: Seed retains viability for a number of years. Germination Time. 3-4 weeks at 20c. Suitable for Direct Seeding.


*Suspected of being poisonous to stock, but there are no instances of poisoning in the field nor recorded in literature.