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STIFF BOTTLEBRUSH (Callistemon rigidus) Seeds

STIFF BOTTLEBRUSH (Callistemon rigidus) Seeds

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Callistemon rigidus, commonly called stiff bottlebrush or erect bottlebrush

Grows between 1 m and 3 m high by 2 m wide 

Widespread on the coast, ranges and extends into the western slopes, but is found mainly in the Sydney district.

Leaves are narrow and linear to 7 cm long, and only 4 mm wide and very rigid.

Inflorescences are spikes to 10 cm long and to 6 cm diameter, appearing in summer.

Very hardy and will withstand poorly drained situations.

Flowers are attractive to birds and insects.

Bush food: bottlebrush flowers have a sweet nectar which can either be consumed by sucking on the flowers or by soaking the flowers in water to make a sweet drink.

Germination: sow direct on the surface, germination 1- 4 weeks