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BIDGEE WIDGEE / RED BIDIBID (Acaena novae-zelandiae) Seeds

BIDGEE WIDGEE / RED BIDIBID (Acaena novae-zelandiae) Seeds

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An easily grown perennial plant, can spread by growing roots at leaf nodes, it succeeds in ordinary well-drained soil in sun or semi-shade, requires a warm position, adaptable to poorly-drained soils in Australia, able to tolerate extended dry conditions but thrives with regular moisture.

A good ground-cover plant, spreading freely and tolerating some treading, the plant spreads vigorously and can be used, within its native range, to stabilize soils on banks, roadsides.

Globular greenish white flowers on slender stalks in spring are followed by burr-like seed heads, which readily attach to clothing or animal fur. 

Wildlife Value: Provides seed for Rosellas.

Bush Food: The green seeds (burr) and young leaves are made into a medicinal tea.

Bush Medicine: An infusion is used in the treatment of kidney problems. A decoction is used as a tonic, to treat bladder and stomach complaints and rheumatism. The leaves are boiled, allowed to stand and the liquid drunk cold. It is said to be an effective tonic and remedy for rheumatism, kidney troubles and perhaps also venereal disease. 

An infusion of the whole plant is used to treat gallstones.

Applied externally an infusion of the leaves is used as a wash on open wounds.

Germination: Surface sow, cover lightly with gravel. Germinates in 3-6 weeks. Light stimulates germination.