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SEA BERRY SALTBUSH (Chenopodium baccatum syn. Rhagodia baccata) Seeds

SEA BERRY SALTBUSH (Chenopodium baccatum syn. Rhagodia baccata) Seeds

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Chenopodium baccatum a shrub that will grow to 1m - 4m

An important pioneer species in dune rehabilitation with rapid growth, high survival rate and resistance to wind impacts and sand movement.

Being succulent the species copes with limited moisture over summer, responding to winter rainfall with rapid growth and flowering over an extended period.

A vigorous species in the home garden particularly if watered and requires regular pruning and shaping. Useful for attracting fruit-eating birds with the clusters of decorative, currant-like red berries.

Flowering period: February–May and again in October–December.

The flowers are are about 1.5mm long, unisexual with male and female flowers on separate plants.

The fruit is a red berry abut 3mm in diameter.

Bush Food: The edible berries are a red colour when mature. The leaves can be boiled as a vegetable. The raw leaves are salty. Blanched leaves taste better and steamed leaves are more ten- der.