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'SALOOP' RED BERRY SALTBUSH (Einadia hastata) Seeds

'SALOOP' RED BERRY SALTBUSH (Einadia hastata) Seeds

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Rounded shrub or perennial herb to about 0.5 m diameter, or prostrate, occasionally straggling with branches to about 1 m long. Dark green foliage turns red before falling. Previously known as Rhagodia hastata.

Weed suppressing ground covers for drier areas.

Flowers, small and yellow in loose to tight clusters. Flowers mostly Nov.–Mar. Fruit red or black, 2-3 mm in diameter.

A very useful plant, fire retarding, with abundant berries all year round, able to grow on very heavy soils. Recorded as host plant for Saltbush Blue Butterfly, also called Chequered Blue Theclinesthes serpentata relatively small butterfly.

Family - Chenopodiaceae
Aspect - Full Sun
Soil - Adaptable, Moist
Habitat - Wet Sclerophyll Forest

Bush Food: Leaves edible after boiling to remove excess salt. Small quantities are nice in garden salads and stir-fry's. It's small red fruits are also edible but tend to have a bitter taste.