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NODDING SALTBUSH (Einadia nutans) Seeds

NODDING SALTBUSH (Einadia nutans) Seeds

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Known by its common name of climbing saltbush or nodding saltbush, is a climbing groundcover native to Australia.

E. nutans occurs in all states and territories. It grows on a wide range of soil types and in most vegetation. It is usually found growing along the ground, often around tree trunks, or on low shrubs, fences, or supported by tree trunks in a variety of soils and conditions.

E. nutans flowers mostly in summer – autumn, but some flowering occurs throughout the year. The small succulent berry-like fruit becomes red and soft when ripe. 

Plants form a blanket on the surface, climbing over logs and up trees to a height of around 1 metre. 

The small leaves are semi-succulent, and have a distinctive arrowhead shape.

Bush Tucker: Edible leaves and fruits.

Young leaves - cooked. A salty and slightly bitter flavour. Fruit - raw or cooked.

Germination: Seed germinates in 1-4 weeks, has high viability and doesn’t require treatment, . It is suitable for direct seeding.

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