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'KURRKUTY' RUBY SALTBUSH (Enchylaena tomentosa) Seeds

'KURRKUTY' RUBY SALTBUSH (Enchylaena tomentosa) Seeds

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Enchylaena tomentosa grows as a small perennial shrub, up to a meter in diameter.

Highly drought tolerant E. tomentosa has historically been sought after by Indigenous Australians, early settlers and livestock.

Tolerates a range of soils, but prefers soils that are slightly saline.

Occurring through most of semi-arid Australia, on a variety of land and soil types such as sand plains, hill slopes, creek lines, sand dunes and salt lake shores.

This species fruits and flowers year round, producing edible berries about 5-8mm in diameter, ranging in colour from yellow to red.

Bush Food: The ripened fruit of Ruby saltbush can be picked and eaten raw and is described as being salty-sweet in flavor, being picked by desert Indigenous Australians as a snack food and is still frequently collected today.

Indigenous groups of the Macdonell Ranges (central Australia) have been recorded to soak the fruits in water to make a sweetened tea.

The leaves are also edible, but as they’re rich in oxalates, they should be cooked before eating, or consumed sparingly.

Fruits from: Year 1.