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'KARAMBI' WILD GRAPE - NITRE BUSH (Nitraria billardierei) Seeds

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Nitraria billardierei, commonly known as nitre bush or dillon bush, is a perenial shrub native to Australia, often found in saline areas or other areas which have been disturbed.

White flowers predominantly in spring, with small oblong fruit (drupe) that are purple, red or golden. A broad and low shrub, up to 2 metres (7 ft) high and 4 m wide.

An excellent plant for soil erosion control and reclamation, particularly in coastal parks and reserves.

Food source and refuge for birds, lizards, emus and small mammals.

Bush Tucker:  Fruits are edible, with a taste like salty grapes, fruit can also be made into jam or dried and stored.

Germination: Soak seed in Gibberellic Acid 1 part per thousand for 24 hours then smoke water for 24 hours. Days to Germination 7 - 10