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'KUTJERA' DESERT RAISIN / BUSH TOMATO (Solanum centrale) Seeds

'KUTJERA' DESERT RAISIN / BUSH TOMATO (Solanum centrale) Seeds

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This bush food plant is native to arid regions of Australia, and grows to a small shrub with pale yellow-green leaves. The bush produces purple flowers from late summer to spring, followed by the edible small fruits, which are yellow when ripe and dry to brown on the bush, resembling raisins.

Bush tomato is closely related to the typical garden tomato, both being members of the solanum family. It is a fast growing shrub that fruits prolifically.

Prefers a well-drained soil in an warm open sunny position, tolerates dry conditions once establish but produces extended fruiting if an adequate supply of water is provide. Drought resistant and moderately frost tolerant.

The plant can also regrow from dormant root stock after periods of drought. Main plant produces underground suckers. The plant needs very little water.

  • Frost tolerance: tolerates light frost
  • Special uses: edible, fast growing
  • Attracts wildlife: bees, butterflies, other insects
  • Height: 0.1 ~ 0.5 metres
  • Width: 0.1 ~ 0.3 metres
  • Flower colour: purple
  • Flowering time: spring, summer, autumn
  • Ph level: acid, neutral
  • Soil type: sandy, sandy loam, poor soil
  • Plant environment: low maintenance garden, drought resistant
  • Climate zone: warm temperate, mediterranean, semi-arid, arid
  • Light: sunny, light shade
  • Planting season: spring
  • Growth habit: evergreen, open foliage

Bush food: The fruits are rich in vitamin c and have a flavour described as similar to tamarillo and caramel. Green or unripe fruits are toxic.

Germination: Seed will benefit greatly from smoke treatment for germination.

*seed in fruit