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'DUROBBY' COOLAMON / WATERMELON TREE (Syzygium moorei) 'Bush Tucker Plant Seeds'

'DUROBBY' COOLAMON / WATERMELON TREE (Syzygium moorei) 'Bush Tucker Plant Seeds'

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Syzygium moorei is a rare sub tropical rainforest tree, growing on volcanic soils in the Mount Warning area of north east NSW and south east QLD. Common names include coolamon, watermelon tree, durobby and robby; it is also called "rose apple" but this can refer to many species of Syzygium.

A beautiful canopy tree of sub tropical rainforest, reaching 40 meters in height, and 60 centimeters wide. The bark is a grey/fawn/reddish colour.

Large glossy leaves. Showy pink flowers along the branches with large white edible fruit. Prefers a well-drained protected site in sun or semi-shade.  Suitable for fertile, moisture retaining soils.

Clusters of watermelon-pink gum-like flowers form masses along old, leafless branches.

Bird Attracting

Shelter young plants from full sun and strong winds. Mulch soil well using well rotted organic matter which will fertilize plants.

Bush Tucker: The white fleshy fruits are edible.

Germination:  Soak seed for 24 hours before sowing.