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'GARAWANG' APPLE BERRY 'APPLE DUMPLINGS' (Billardiera scandens) Seeds

'GARAWANG' APPLE BERRY 'APPLE DUMPLINGS' (Billardiera scandens) Seeds

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This native climber makes a fantastic garden and landscape plant as it grows in a wide range of conditions, taking the form of a groundcover, climber or small shrub in more open areas.

Clusters of bell-shaped pink and white flowers are produced throughout Spring, making a gorgeous display and providing nectar which attracts native birds such as Honeyeaters.

'GARAWANG' (Wurundjeri) The common names of this versatile plant ‘apple berry’ or ‘apple dumplings’ come from it’s traditional use as a bush tucker plant.

Ph Level: Acid, Neutral, Alkaline
Soil Type: Sandy, Clay, Loamy, Sandy loam, Clay loam, Saline, Poor soil
Tolerates light frost
Life Span: Medium (20 to 80 years)

Bush Food: The edible fruits appear through Summer and ripen from purple to yellow. They have a flavour described as similar to kiwifruit or stewed apple, they are eaten raw when fully ripened, or roasted if still green.

Special Uses: Edible, Decorative fruit, Honey producing plant, Pollution tolerant, Fast growing, Playground friendly
Attracts Wildlife: Bees, Nectar eating birds, Butterflies, Other insects

Germination: Propagation is more difficult for B. scandens than other Billardiera species. Summer sown seed may take up to 12 weeks to germinate in autumn. Treatments such as washing dried seeds in detergent, or straining seed after fermentation in water for two weeks may improve germination.