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MULGA WATTLE (Acacia aneura) SEEDS 'Bush Tucker Plant'

MULGA WATTLE (Acacia aneura) SEEDS 'Bush Tucker Plant'

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Acacia aneura, commonly known as mulga or true mulga, is a shrub or small tree native to arid outback areas of Australia.

This Acacia has a variable habit and can grow as a shrub (in more arid conditions) or a small tree (with more water available). 

Evergreen Tree growing to 15 m 

A profuse flowering plant with rod-like flower heads and provides light shade.

The seeds are edible once cooked, dried and ground, and are then traditionally made into seed cakes. It also produces a vegetative ‘fruit’ called the mulga apple, which is a swollen shoot caused by a wasp whose sting creates an insect gall, purported to have a sweet taste similar to an apple.

Great plant for dry areas as it is drought resistant, and also tolerant of frosts. It needs a medium to light well-drained soil and is tolerant to lime. Grows best in full sun, although can grow in part-sun.

The roots of this plant fix nitrogen gas from the air in soil which is used by the  roots as a source of nitrogen and helps deal with the poor soils in its natural growing environment.

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