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'GUMBUNG' NARROW-LEAF CUMBUNGI (Typha domingensis) Seeds

'GUMBUNG' NARROW-LEAF CUMBUNGI (Typha domingensis) Seeds

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Typha root: an ancient nutritious food in Noongar culture.

Vigorous erect cane-like perennial herb spreading by underground stems. Terminal spike of male flowers above spike of female flowers on same stem. Plant remains green in winter.

  • Plant grouping Aquatic & Semi aquatic
  • Flower colour Cinnamon-brown
  • Flowering time December to May
  • Bird attracting Habitat - nesting and/or safety
  • Frog habitat Yes

Cumbungi grows in swamps, lake and stream margins, dams and irrigation channels.

Bush Food: young shoots (raw), root (steamed, roasted); leaf - string (fibre), weaving

Typha rhizomes were a favoured starch seasonal staple in many parts of Australia and the shoots were also eaten raw in parts of southeastern Australia.

Bush medicine: The sap from this plant was used to protect a person from leeches while the brown and white downy fluff was used as a wound dressing because of its antiseptic properties. When burnt the ash was used an insect repellent.